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File Size Modified Description
[dir] Avast 240.0 MB 2017-Nov-12 a top-rated free anti-virus
[dir] ESET 185.7 MB 2017-Nov-12 high-performance, untra-configurable antivirus for advanced users (trial)
[dir] Malwarebytes 84.7 MB 2018-Dec-17 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware; catch and remove all the stuff anti-virus can't
[dir] McAfee 10.1 MB 2018-Dec-17 removal tool for McAfee antivirus and firewall
[dir] MicrosoftSecurityEssentials 49.0 MB 2016-May-01 Microsoft's free basic antivirus for Windows Vista/7 (works well with Malwarebytes)
[dir] Norton 12.2 MB 2017-Nov-12 removal tool for (ineffective and trouble-prone) Norton antivirus
[dir] Symantec-EP 4.0 MB 2018-Dec-17 Symantec Endpoint Protection (corporate antivirus) tools
[exe] AVG_Clear.exe 11.3 MB 2018-Dec-17 removal tool for AVG antivirus
[zip] Disable SSL3 (POODLE fix).zip 360.0  B 2014-Oct-22 disables SSL3, protecting outdated Windows versions against the "POODLE" exploit
[exe] HOSTS.exe 1.4 MB 2013-Apr-26 block some common advertising/hacking web content
[exe] netget.exe 150.6 KB 2013-Apr-26 command-line tool for downloading files from the web
[bin] rill_com.bin 983.5 KB 2013-Apr-26 if you can't download ".com" files, download this and rename it to rkill.com
[com] rkill.com 984.5 KB 2013-Apr-26 disables some viruses which prevent you from installing security software
[zip] rtl120.bpl.zip 422.0 KB 2014-Jan-22 RTL120.BPL, a Borland Precompiled Library required by various (legit and malicious) internet security products
[bin] subinacl_exe.bin 283.5 KB 2013-Apr-26 command-line tool to fix file-permissions (rename to subinacl.exe after downloading)
[zip] Vista7-exe-fix.zip 273.0  B 2013-Apr-26 quick fix for virus damage preventing Windows Vista/7 from launching applications (try official fix first)
[msi] Vista7-EXE-fix_MicrosoftFixit50194.msi 633.5 KB 2013-Apr-26 official fix for virus damage preventing Windows Vista/7 from launching applications
[exe] vtuploader2.2.exe 139.4 KB 2016-Jan-08 check files with VirusTotal.com by right-clicking them
[exe] WebStart.exe 63.1 KB 2013-Apr-26 run an app from the web without starting a browser
[msi] WindowsDefender.msi 4.9 MB 2013-Apr-26 Microsoft's free but ineffective anti-malware for Windows XP
13 Files - 7 Folders Total size: 606.8 MB    
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