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[dir] FileZilla 19.1 MB 2024-Jul-17 FileZilla free high-performance FTP client and FTP server
[dir] No-IP_client 236.1 KB 2017-May-26 make remote access to your home PC easier by assigning it a free domain-name from www.no-ip.com
[dir] WebDrive 84.3 MB 2017-Dec-29 allows fast and reliable connection (and drive-letter-mapping) to FTP, WebDAV, and popular cloud-storage sites (trial version)
[msi] inSSIDer-Installer- 1.7 MB 2013-May-15 older version of inSSIDer, for Windows XP and netbooks
[msi] inSSIDer-installer.msi 6.3 MB 2013-Jun-25 wireless network survey tool for Windows Vista/7/8 (version 3, the last free one)
[pdf] inSSIDer-UserGuide-2012.pdf 3.2 MB 2014-Jan-21  
[exe] LAN_SpeedTest.exe 106.1 KB 2014-Jan-21 free tool for measuring actual transfer speed between networked computers
[exe] monitorswitch_v1.07.exe 1.1 MB 2014-Jan-21 easily move windows between screens in Windows XP
[zip] netfind.zip 847.0  B 2014-Jan-21 list all active devices on an IP network
[exe] netget.exe 150.6 KB 2014-Jan-21 command-line tool for downloading files from the web
[exe] netstumblerinstaller_0_4_0.exe 1.3 MB 2014-Jan-21 wireless network survey/detection tool (for 32-bit Windows ONLY)
[exe] nmap-6.01-setup.exe 24.9 MB 2012-Jul-16 invaluable set of open-source TCP/IP tools
[zip] rdp-disconnect.zip 245.0  B 2014-Jan-21 run on a Remote Desktop to disconnect without "locking" Windows
[zip] TCPOptimizer.zip 267.7 KB 2017-Nov-12 improve network/internet performance and increase max # of connections (XP/Vista/7)
[zip] upnpscan-v0.4-win32.zip 27.6 KB 2014-Jan-21 locate UPnP devices on the local network
[zip] Vista7-LAN-and-Internet-performance-fixes.zip 5.0 KB 2014-Jan-21 includes a few fixes not covered by TCPOptimizer
[zip] Vista7_MediaShareFix.zip 2.4 KB 2014-Jan-21 fix network file-share access problems for media-player boxes (Seagate, WD, etc.)
[exe] WebStart.exe 63.1 KB 2014-Jan-21 run programs directly from the web
15 Files - 3 Folders Total size: 142.8 MB    
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