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File Size Modified Description
[dir] Setup_DVD_images 0.0  B 2019-Sep-20 ISO images of Windows Vista setup DVDs
[dir] HLP-file-handler_WindowsVista 2.1 MB 2017-Jul-12 enable "Help" in old applications that use ".hlp" files
[dir] HLP-file-handler_Server2008 2.3 MB 2017-Jul-12 enable "Help" in old applications that use ".hlp" files
[dir] Service_Packs 2.5 GB 2016-May-01 official Service Packs for Windows Vista
[html] Internet_Explorer.html 314.0  B 2020-Sep-25  
[zip] Fix_Parallel-port-driver-failed-to-load_error.zip 341.0  B 2013-May-16 fix for constant driver-loading errors on Vista PCs with no parallel port
[zip] Vista7-BrowseSharesFix.zip 358.0  B 2014-Jan-21 if Windows takes forever to see changes in network folders
[zip] DVD-filters-fix-Vista.zip 359.0  B 2014-Jan-21 if Windows thinks your DVD drive is only a CD drive
[zip] Vista_AutoLogon.zip 367.0  B 2014-Jan-21 have your password entered automatically when Windows starts
[zip] Vista_DisableSecurityWarning_for_BatchFiles.zip 468.0  B 2014-Jan-21 Disable "security" warning when running Batch files
[zip] lnkfix_vista.zip 990.0  B 2014-Jan-21 fix for virus-damaged "shortcut" (.lnk) file-association
[html] fix-missing-or-damaged-services.html 1.6 KB 2020-Sep-25  
[zip] Hotmail-as-default.zip 10.8 KB 2014-Jan-21 make Hotmail the default email-handler
[zip] RestoreMissingServices.zip 21.2 KB 2014-Feb-12 registry files that restore Services sometimes deleted by viruses
[exe] ZIP-association-fix_Vista.exe 160.0 KB 2014-Jan-21 restore Windows' built-in ability to open ZIP files
[exe] WGAPluginInstall.exe 860.5 KB 2014-Jan-21 Browser plugin for http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com
[exe] drvupdate-x86.exe 12.1 MB 2011-Jun-23 ActiveSync/WMDC 6.1 update (32-bit)
13 Files - 4 Folders Total size: 2.5 GB    
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