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File Size Modified Description
[zip] SciTech-Display-Doctor- 10.6 MB 2013-Apr-05 enable hi-res modes on unsupported hardware (like a virtual machine)
[exe] 7z920.exe 1.1 MB 2014-Jan-21 7-Zip, free multi-format file-compression/extraction tool
[exe] Firefox Setup 5.8 MB 2014-Jan-21 last version of Firefox web browser compatible with pre-XP Windows
[zip] File-and-printer-sharing-with-Windows-Vista-7-8.zip 3.0 MB 2014-Jan-21 get file&printer sharing to work between old and new versions of Windows
[zip] TweakUI_9X-2K.zip 79.7 KB 2014-Jan-21 add the TweakUI icon (advanced system settings) to Windows Control Panel
[msi] dsclient9x.msi 3.1 MB 2014-Jan-21 Directory Services Client, required to access Windows Vista/7/8 shared folders
[exe] ar505enu.exe 8.6 MB 2014-Jan-21 Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.05, the last bloat-free version for pre-XP Windows
[exe] 2ksrvbt.exe 268.6 KB 2014-Jan-21 Windows 2000 Server boot disk creator (requires blank floppy disk)
[html] Internet_Explorer.html 314.0  B 2020-Sep-25  
9 Files - 0 Folders Total size: 32.4 MB    
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