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File Size Modified Description
[dir] WindowsServer2016 0.0  B 2017-Jul-24 updates & utilities for Windows Server 2016
[dir] WindowsServer2003 0.0  B 2017-Jul-14 updates, utilities, and setup discs for Windows Server 2003
[dir] WindowsServer2012 0.0  B 2016-May-01 updates & utilities for Windows Server 2012 & 2012 R2
[dir] WindowsServer2008 0.0  B 2016-May-01 updates & utilities for Windows Server 2008 (original release)
[dir] WindowsServer2008R2 0.0  B 2016-May-01 updates & utilities for Windows Server 2008 R2
[dir] Compress_and_Extract 4.6 MB 2016-May-25 File/Folder-compression tools
[dir] NirSoft_Utilities 28.7 MB 2019-May-03 NirSoft's collection of powerful free tools
[dir] Windows9X2K 32.4 MB 2016-May-01 updates & utilities for Windows NT 4, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000
[dir] Email 35.0 MB 2018-Dec-17 Email clients (email software) and related tools
[dir] RemoteDesktop 67.6 MB 2018-Jul-11 Updated versions of Microsoft's Remote Desktop client/server software
[dir] Firefox 90.2 MB 2016-May-01 Mozilla Firefox, the most customizable web browser
[dir] Chrome 111.2 MB 2017-Jul-30 Chrome, Google Chrome, a fast and free web browser
[dir] Windows_System_Tools 127.0 MB 2018-Apr-17 utilities for ADVANCED users
[dir] Networking 138.5 MB 2018-Dec-17 miscellaneous network/internet tools
[dir] VisualCPP 144.6 MB 2019-Aug-15 Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries (pre-requisite for various Windows software)
[dir] FlashPlayer_and_Shockwave 311.7 MB 2019-Jul-13 Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player
[dir] PDF_Tools 472.5 MB 2018-Dec-17 PDF readers, creators, etc.
[dir] dotNETframework 505.8 MB 2018-Dec-17 Microsoft's .NET Frameworks (pre-requisites for various software)
[dir] InternetExplorer 561.1 MB 2016-May-01 Internet Explorer web browser, tools and add-ons
[dir] Security 562.3 MB 2018-Dec-17 virus and malware scanners and related tools
[dir] Backup_and_Sync 620.3 MB 2019-Jul-13 backup and file-synchronization software
[dir] Java 698.1 MB 2019-Aug-17 the latest versions of Java and related tools
[dir] ~Manuals 1.1 GB 2019-May-03  
[dir] Multimedia_Tools 1.6 GB 2019-Aug-16 Audio/Video/CD/DVD tools
[dir] ~Drivers 2.4 GB 2019-Jul-21  
[dir] WindowsXP 4.6 GB 2017-Jul-14 updates, utilities, and setup discs for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
[dir] Windows10 5.6 GB 2018-Dec-22 updates, utilities, and setup discs for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016
[dir] Intuit 5.6 GB 2018-Jul-04 updates and installers for Quicken and QuickBooks Pro, and Turbo Tax
[dir] WindowsVista 6.2 GB 2018-Jan-19 updates, utilities, and setup discs for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 (R1)
[dir] Windows8 6.7 GB 2018-Jan-19 updates & utilities for Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
[dir] Windows7 8.4 GB 2018-Jan-19 updates, utilities, and setup discss for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
[dir] MSOffice 13.8 GB 2018-Dec-17 Microsoft Office updates, tools, and add-ons
[zip] cleartemp_requires_robocopy.zip 246.0  B 2013-Apr-26  
[zip] cleartemp.zip 296.0  B 2017-Jun-27 script to delete temporary files more than 5 days old
[] error_log 576.0  B 2019-Jan-17  
[zip] Sleep-Hibernate_Shortcut.zip 1.1 KB 2013-May-15 quick shortcut to make your PC sleep (if hibernation is enabled, it will hibernate instead)
[zip] FreeSpaceCleaner.1.0.zip 9.7 KB 2014-Jan-21 restore some performance to Sandforce-based solid-state drives (enable the FF option!)
[zip] msvcr71.zip 177.3 KB 2014-Jan-21 msvcr71.dll, required by some software
[zip] RipIt4Me.zip 197.3 KB 2014-Jan-21 Freeware DVD-to-PC copier (outdated - use DVDFab Decrypter)
[exe] quickPrintFix.exe 204.2 KB 2014-Jan-21 clear out "stuck" print jobs and reset the Windows print queue
[exe] TrackBallScroll.exe 206.5 KB 2014-Jan-21 lets you "scroll" using a trackball or mouse with no scrolling-wheel
[exe] StartFile.exe 211.8 KB 2014-Jan-21 pin anything to the taskbar or Start menu, by making a shortcut to "startfile myfilename"
[zip] keyfinder.2.0.6.zip 367.5 KB 2013-Apr-26 Magic Jelly Bean, an outdated product-key-finder for 32-bit Windows
[zip] ChkFlsh.zip 376.0 KB 2016-Nov-17 Check Flash is a flash drive tester and benchmark, great for detecting fake and faulty flash drives
[zip] openhardwaremonitor-v0.8.0-beta.zip 502.1 KB 2017-Jul-06 view/adjust fan speeds and monitor temperature of CPU, video cards, hard drives, etc. (free, open-source)
[exe] mtinst.exe 639.6 KB 2013-Apr-26 create a Microsoft memory-test CD
[iso] Memtest86_4.0a.iso 862.0 KB 2014-Jan-21 image of a bootable memory-test CD, supports any amount of RAM
[exe] MSA_Tools.exe 1.3 MB 2017-Dec-29 basic shortcuts and icons for MS Assist customers
[exe] googletalk-setup. 1.3 MB 2014-Feb-24  
[exe] googletalk-setup. 1.5 MB 2013-Apr-25  
[iso] drive-wiper_dban-2.2.6_i586.iso 10.3 MB 2014-Jan-21  
[zip] AppleWorks-6.2.2-for-Windows.zip 23.6 MB 2014-Jan-21 ClarisWorks/AppleWorks 6 - view and edit .cwk files in Windows 9X/2K/XP/7/8
[exe] MS_Fonts.exe 158.5 MB 2013-Oct-04 the entire collection of (English and symbol) extended Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 fonts
21 Files - 32 Folders Total size: 60.5 GB    
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