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File Size Modified Description
[dir] hide_Secure-Boot_error_on-desktop 438.6 KB 2016-May-01  
[dir] HLP-file-handler_Windows8-2012 1.6 MB 2016-May-01 enable Help in old applications that use ".hlp" files
[dir] HLP-file-handler_Windows8.1-2012R2 1.6 MB 2016-May-01 enable Help in old applications that use ".hlp" files
[dir] Setup_DVD_images 6.6 GB 2018-Jan-19  
[zip] Aurora_screensaver.zip 955.7 KB 2013-Apr-26 the Aurora (northern lights) screensaver from Windows Vista
[html] fix-missing-or-damaged-services.html 1.6 KB 2014-Jan-22  
[zip] IncludeAnyInLibrary.zip 5.0 KB 2014-Jan-22 add removable or network folders to a Windows "Library"
[exe] MediaCreationTool.exe 1.4 MB 2017-Sep-20 Windows 8.1 Setup-media creator
[zip] PinItemToStartMenu.zip 209.6 KB 2013-Sep-07 pin ANY type of application or file to the Start menu
[zip] Restart-and-Shutdown-shortcuts.zip 1.6 KB 2014-Jan-22 easier than opening the "charms bar" and clicking Settings, Power, etc.
[zip] SkipMetroSuite.zip 239.2 KB 2013-Apr-26 lets you disable the "Start screen" and other new features in Windows 8
[zip] vmc2hv-x64-1.5.5.zip 168.3 KB 2014-Jan-22  
[zip] vmc2hv-x86-1.5.5.zip 168.3 KB 2014-Jan-22  
[zip] Windows-Backup-and-Restore_shortcut.zip 813.0  B 2017-Jun-27  
[exe] Windows8-Setup.exe 5.2 MB 2013-Apr-26 Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant / Downloader / Upgrade-media creator
[exe] WindowsSetupBox.exe 4.7 MB 2014-Jan-22 Windows 8.1 Upgrade Assistant / Downloader / Upgrade-media creator
[zip] Windows_Classic_Desktop_Games_for_Windows_8_64-bit.zip 91.0 MB 2013-Apr-03 the old Desktop versions of FreeCell, Hearts, Mahjong, Minesweeper, Solitaire, etc.
13 Files - 4 Folders Total size: 6.7 GB    
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