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File Size Modified Description
[zip] JavaRa-2.6.1.zip 180.3 KB 2015-Nov-12 SingularLabs' Java Removal/update tool (use if quick-online-uninstall fails)
[html] JavaRa_Latest_Version.html 392.0  B 2015-Nov-12  
[html] Java_Latest_Version.html 419.0  B 2014-Jan-21  
[html] Java_quick-online-Uninstall_tool.html 374.0  B 2014-Jan-21  
[exe] jre-6u45-windows-i586.exe 16.3 MB 2013-May-06 last public release of Java 6 JRE for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
[exe] jre-7u79-windows-i586.exe 28.1 MB 2015-Jun-14 last public release of 32-bit Java 7 JRE, for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows
[exe] jre-7u80-windows-i586.exe 28.1 MB 2015-Jun-14 last public bugfix beta of 32-bit Java 7 JRE -- install ONLY if you're sure you need this!
[exe] jre-8u161-windows-i586.exe 61.4 MB 2018-Jan-19  
[exe] jre-8u161-windows-x64.exe 68.0 MB 2018-Jan-19  
[exe] jre-9.0.4_windows-x64_bin.exe 96.6 MB 2018-Jan-19  
10 Files - 0 Folders Total size: 298.7 MB    
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